Concrete Pumps


Landis Block and Concrete's three boom pump trucks will be able to efficiently place your concrete where you need it.

Our three Putzmeister Boom Pump trucks are able to place your concrete on multi-story decks or reach to places that would not be accessible or convenient with a concrete truck. The three Putzmeitzer pump trucks; one is a 38 meter, one is 39 meter and the largest is a 47 meter. Vertical limits for each of the boom pumps would be 121 feet, 125 feet and 151 feet.  The horizontal limits would be 108 feet, 111 feet and 134 feet.  Call Brian Stout, our Pump Dispatcher, at 215-651-8425 for questions or scheduling.

With outriggers in place and the booms extended our pumps are ready to lay down some concrete!

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