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Ready Mix / Nyce Crete & Landis Concrete

Concrete Suppliers PAConcrete Suppliers PA: With a Ready Mix plant in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and one plant in Souderton our fleet of over 30 mixer trucks are sure to meet the needs of large and small concrete projects.

We serve Bucks, Montgomery, Berks, Chester and Lehigh counties in Pennsylvania. The majority of the concrete trucks are Oshkosh front-discharge mixers but we also have four Theam conveyor trucks with a 42' extended reach from the rear of the trucks.

Nyce Crete, Lansdale

Just twenty minutes outside of Philadelphia, the ready-mix concrete operation offers front discharge, rear discharge, and conveyor trucks for concrete delivery in the suburban Philadelphia area. The Nyce Crete facility, located in Lansdale, offers basic masonry materials, mortar, sand, stone, blocks and flue liners. We also manufacture large bin block which measure 2' x 2' x 6'. Corner and half bin blocks are also stocked.

Contact Nyce Crete at 215-855-4628


Landis Concrete, Souderton

Located about midway of Philadelphia and Allentown, Landis Concrete is the sister to the Nyce Crete operation. There are fewer trucks at this facility, located at the rear of Landis Block, and they run in conjunction with Nyce Crete dispatch which can be reached at 215-855-4628.

Contact Landis Concrete at 215-721-8662

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