Grae Buck Fishing Update

Grae Buck Fishing Update

July - September 2020 Update

FLW Pro Circuit

The 2020 FLW Pro Circuit tournament season culminated in a rewarding 3rd place finish in the Angler of the Year Point Standing.  I am thrilled to share that this was my best season to date!

Since the last update and following a mid-season break due to COVID, I competed in two regular-season tournaments and was thrilled to qualify for the FLW Title Championship on Sturgeon Bay!

In July, I placed 73rd on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin. An FLW writer covered my practice day. My season  ended strong with a 12th place finish on Lake Erie and had the opportunity to shoot a pre-tournament video with FLW, Getting Started on Erie.

The FLW Title Championship took place on Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin. It was a great event, I was on the live coverage every day of the event and many fish were caught! I placed 7th out of the top 50 anglers who qualified for this event. A MLF videographer created an awesome pre-tournament video I highly recommend checking out, Buck Previews FLW Title Championship.


FLW Media Coverage



Additional social media publications and articles: 

FLW Angler Blog

To further promote my sponsors and highlight my tournament season, I have been writing a monthly FLW angler blog for the FLW website. I’ve written the following blogs: PREPPING FOR THE 2020 FISHING SEASON, HOW TO CATCH YOUR NEW PB (Chatterbait), PICKING OUT A NEW FAVORITE ROD, FISHING WITH CONFIDENCE. And most recently Encouraging Youth Fishing.

Social Media

I continue to build my social media platforms to further promote my dedicated sponsors. This season I have been developing and advertising YouTube videos recapping each event and my sponsors’ products that I use in the tournaments. My YouTube channel has expanded its reach greatly in the past year, with 1,320 subscribers and 430,000+ impressions.  Here are links to the most recent events’ videos: ‘Favorite Rod For the Job’-Jackhammer 721MH, 4 on 4 Drops!! FLW Title Championship-Qualifying Round, Mega Bag of Smallies to Jump up 20th Place at the FLW Super Tournament Lake Erie-Day 2, Mississippi River Day 2: FLW Pro Circuit Super Tournament: Recap and Highlights  and many more on my YouTube Channel.

I also continue to build my Instagram and Facebook accounts, reaching 39,400 followers and 9,000+ people per post on Instagram and 6,100+ followers and 2,500 people per post.

Thank you for your continued support – what a great tournament season it has been! I couldn’t do it without our partnerships. I look forward to reaching out and speaking with each of you about our continued relationships for the 2021 season.



Grae Buck