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Don't settle for average. Make your landscape awe-inspiring. Whether hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, by insisting on Cambridge products, your project is sure to turn out extraordinary.

Install freestanding walls, knee walls, sitting walls, retaining walls, planters, tree rings, garden borders, columns and more. Create short or tall walls in straight, curved, serpentine or circular designs. Add a barbecue and fire pit, built-in outdoor kitchen and refreshment bar.

Choose from several styles in colors that match or complement Cambridge Pavingstones to complete your landscape design.

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Double-sided, available in Split Face and Renaissance Stone for walls up to 2 feet high.

The Pyzique® blocks can be selected from six colors of the Split Face and four colors of Renaissance styles.


Double-sided, multi-pieced, available in Split Face and Renaissance Stone for walls up to 3 ft. high and engineering available for walls higher in height.

The Maytrx Walls are available in a six or three inch height system. They are also available in six Split Face and four Renaissance colors like the Pyzique® wall.

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Olde English

These two modular wall stones have an aged stone appearance and are available in a 4x8x12 rectangular unit and a slightly shorter radius unit.

Caps, columns and steps can be constructed using these versatile wall blocks. There are plenty of choices with fifteen colors available.


The Sigma Wall system is available in a six inch and an eight inch high wall unit. One of the most economical of the Cambridge Wall systems the Sigma wall is a single-sided hollow, trapezoidal unit that uses a patented double knob system to lock the units to form a sturdy wall system.

Available in the Split Face and Renaissance finish and same color choices as the Pyzique and Maytrx Wall systems.

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