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Concrete Steps

We offer you the Century Precast concrete steps.

The hollow steps are made of concrete and they are available in three or four foot widths. The three foot wide steps are stocked in one to four tread steps with an eight inch rise per step.

Some of the four foot wide precast units offer a 24" landing on the top stoop and are manufactured with a seven inch rise per step. The tallest four foot wide step we stock is the six tread step at forty-two inches high.

Though some of the larger units may weigh as much as 775 pounds many can be picked up by two people and delivery is available at a reasonable cost. We, however, do not set the steps in place.

Air Conditioner Pads

Protect your air conditioning investment with concrete Air Conditioning pads. Available sizes that we stock would be 40"x40", 36"x36" and 24"x36".

They are useful to use under your AC compressor unit or to use as large concrete walkway pavement pieces. Be forewarned that they will be heavy as they are manufactured as one and a half inch thick concrete.


Patio Pavers

Precast concrete patio stones are available in several styles and sizes. They are available with a glacial finish in 24" and 18" square blocks. Exposed Aggregate round and square pavers are both available in 18" sizes.  We have concrete pavers that closely resemble Pennsylvania Blue Stone in 18" round and a variety of square and rectangular sizes.  All patio stones are 1.5" thick.

Pier Caps

Pier caps can help provide protection–and a beautifully finished look–to walls, columns and piers. For exterior walls or piers, a sloped cap that extends beyond the stone facing is recommended.


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