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Flagstone for Sale PA

The timeless look and charm of natural flagstone lasts a lifetime.

The natural texture and color of flagstone will let your area look like it has gone back in time.

We stock many square and rectangular one inch thick pieces of the Pennsylvania blue stone in sizes of 12x12 up to 30x30 inches.

This is full color, natural cleft flagstone in square and rectangular patterns.

Less expensive would be the same blue stone in irregularly shaped pieces that we sell by the pound.

We also stock blue select PA flagstone for step treads and wall caps that is one and a half inches thick. All of the treads are saw cut and flame finished on the top and one long side.

We stock only lengths of 72" and 96". Our width stock starts at eight inches and increases every two inches up to twenty inches. We also stock 24"x72" pieces.

Natural Blue Flagstone Souderton PA
Flagstone Thermal Souderton PA

Landis Block now has full-color, saw-cut, thermal flagstone in four sized pieces.

All pieces are gauged to one and a half inch thickness for easier installation. Stocked pieces are; 12x24, 18x18, 18x24 and 24x24.

The flagstone products can be installed on a base of stone or can be laid and mortared on top of a concrete foundation.

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