Geogrids / Fabrics


Many segmental retaining wall installations and some paver applications require either geogrid, geotextile, or filter fabrics.

Our geogrids and geotextile are used for helping to reinforce segmental retaining walls or they are used to stabilize the foundation under patios or driveways.

We stock the SRw3 series in rolls of four feet and six feet wide by fifty feet long. The SS5 is a geotextile that is used for under driveways, walkways and patios to separate and stabilize soils. This product is sold in 12.5' by 27' sheet rolls.

We also stock Spunbond Filter Fabric in rolls of 3' x 50' and 6' x 100'. The Spunbond fabric is manufactured to resist clogging better than traditional needle punch filter fabric.

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