Landscape Stone

Multiple Colored River Stones Souderton PA

Construct walks or fill some of your landscaped areas with our wide variety of crushed or round stone.

Use one of our many types and colors of stone to fill around a patio or use as a base for pavers.

Some of the stone is only available in bags and some is only available by bulk. Delivery for all our products is available to most locations at an additional price.

River Stones

Multiple colored River Stones are available in three sizes.

Colorful River Stones are rounded edge pebbles that we stock by bulk in two sizes (3/4" and 1 1/2" to 3") or by the fifty pound bag (3/4" and 2"). They can be used to dress up your outdoor area, around plants, or as a walkway.

Multiple Colored River Stones PA
Small York Pebbles for Sale Souderton PA

York Pebbles

Going to the Beach? These light tan pebbles are easier to walk on with bare feet because of their light color and rounded shapes.

If you want to create a beachlike paradise in your own backyard you could start by using York Pebbles. These light tan colored three quarter to one inch pebbles are reminiscent of stone that would be used for drives or walks on beachfront properties. We sell York Pebbles by bulk or by the fifty pound bag. They are available in two sizes, 3/4" or the larger 2" to 4" size.

Crushed Decorative Red Stone

Seeing red? The bold Barn Red color of this stone can be used to accent areas of your landscape. Use the 3/8" or 1/2" size to fill around potted plants or areas where a smaller stones may be more useful.

The 3/8" and 3/4" red crushed stone are sold by the fifty pound bag. We sell 1/2" red crushed stone only by bulk.

Crushed Decorative Red Stone Souderton PA
Crushed Stone for Sale Souderton PA

Crushed Blue Stone

For driveways, as a foundation under pavers or retaining walls, we stock several types and sizes of Crushed Blue Stone. Bring your pickup or empty containers to fill with our clean or modified crushed blue stone. The crushed clean stone is available by bulk in the 3/4" or 1/2" sizes. The 3/4" modified stone topped with a one inch layer of concrete sand is a great combination for a concrete paver or brick paver base and available by bulk. The 3/4" clean stones and grit screenings while available by bulk are also available in 50 pound bags for your convenience.

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