Natural Retaining Wall Stone

Natural Retaining Wall Stone Souderton PA

Natural Stone retaining wall can add landscaping tiers or borders naturally.

Most of our pallets contain 20 to 22 linear feet of retaining wall when stacking the stone one foot high and one foot deep.

We have six colors or styles of retaining wall stone in stock. Some of the stone on our pallets can even be used as pavers!

Thin Lilac Retaining Wall Stone

More consistent in thickness with snapped edges, Thin Lilac contains purple and red hues.

This reddish purple stone can be used to build small retaining or border walls or rustic paths. Brick pavers or walls would work together nicely with this color stone.

Retaining Wall Stone for Sale
Tumbled Blue Stone Wall Souderton PA

Tumbled Blue Retaining Wall Stone

This premium retaining stone has rounded edges and flatter stone pieces.

This is a really great looking stone. These one and half ton pallets contain pieces that measure one to three inches thick. Very easily used as pavers because of their flatter appearance, the rounded edges are perfect for rustic areas especially water settings.

PA Fieldstone

Our most popular natural retaining wall stone is harvested from the mountains of Pennsylvania.

The one to three inch thick PA Fieldstone has a farmhouse charm that has the appearance of being collected from the fields. Suitable for stacking around gardens or for being used as low retaining walls. The pallets contain one and a half ton of stone.

Fieldstone Ret Pallet Souderton PA
Natural Stone Boulders Souderton PA

PA Fieldstone Boulders

The large PA Fieldstone Boulders can be placed around your property or in a landscaped area.

Boulders add texture and size to a landscaped area. Our pallets contain one to three large stones that vary in size and shape. Sold by the pallet, boulders can be used as natural steps or add variety to your landscape elements.

Small Round Boulders

Sold by the pound, our round multi-colored boulders can be lifted by one person and placed as a border or accent in your outdoor area or garden spot. Each rock weighs between ten to approximately fifty pounds.

Small Boulder Pallet Souderton PA

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