Cultured Stone


Cultured Stone® veneer is sized and shaped for quick, easy installation and is so light in weight that it needs no additional foundation or support.

Textures and colors come in several distinct series. The Classic Series offers exact replications of natural stone. The Designer Series is enhanced to blend with today's materials.

The Architectural Series is modified for easy installation. Most of the stone veneers average one and three quarter inches in thickness but all of the veneer stone offers 90 degree outside corner pieces to give the appearance of a full-thickness stone. (Picture courtesy of Cultured Stone®.)

Brick Veneer

Cultured Stone® offers the Used Brick series of brick veneer to add the look of brick to your walls in an easier installation than full-size brick.

Cultured Brick is available in Antique Red and High Desert Used Brick colors. Individual brick are 3/4″ thick and measure eight inches in length by two and a quarter inches wide. The look of molded brick would enhance any exterior or interior wall.



Add the look of natural stone to your hearth with a wide selection of hearths from Cultured Stone.

There’s a matching or complimentary hearthstone for every Cultured Stone color and textured. All Hearthstones measure 1-3/4″ average thickness. Rectangular Hearthstones are 19″x20″. Water Wash Pavers which can be used as Hearthstones come in random sizes from 6″ to 18″.

Trim Products

Cultured stone manufactures trim accessories for around openings, as transitions, or to cap off walls and piers.

To act as a border around an opening, to secure light fixtures, or to finish off the top of a wall, Cultured Stone® has the accessories that will fit the bill. Trim stones, water tables, keystones, quoins, tuscan lintels and capstones are all available in one of five colors; champagne, gray, mocha, taupe or nightfall. The electrical boxes are available in three colors; taupe, gray or mocha. (Picture courtesy of Cultured Stone®.)


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