Outdoor looks stone paving

What is Outdoor Ceramic Tile?

When planning your next patio endeavor, an option that often goes unmentioned is Outdoor Ceramic Tile pavers. Outdoor ceramic tile pavers are an ancient form of paving, but given recent optimizations in materials, it is being more widely used, even in colder climates where they previously were unable to be utilized. Despite being a more obscure option than the obvious flagstone or poured concrete slabs, it has many benefits over its competitors that make it an ideal choice. Outdoor ceramic tile pavers are quite easy to install, provide a unique and customizable look, and are durable and simple to maintain.

The ceramic tile pavers can be installed in a variety of ways depending on what kind of application it is being used. They can be laid like traditional concrete pavers over gravel and sand allowing for drainage and an ease of removal while still maintaining a permanent look to it. Another way to install them is through a raised floor system. The floor system is composed of small posts that sit on a flat surface and allow for the pavers to be put on top with slight gaps in between. This allows for superior drainage and no hassle of installing polymeric sand. These pavers can even be glued down on concrete or simply laid directly on grass by removing a small amount of soil and settling them in for maximum ease of use.

When compared to using natural flagstone or a poured concrete slab, the flexibility of the ceramic tile pavers is rivaled by none. Whereas concrete and stone can be a little unpredictable in color uniformity, ceramic tile pavers provide the user with complete control over how much, or how little variation there is. With many different colors, most of which can be mixed and matched with other colors, the possibilities are endless, and entirely up to the designer.

The amount of work required to keep these ceramic pavers in top shape is staggeringly low. That can be attributed to the amount of resistance they have to whatever is thrown their way. They are durable and can be installed under various traffic conditions; pedestrian or vehicular. Ceramic tile also does not need to be sealed or protected in any special way like stone and concrete need to be. It provides superior drainage and is naturally resistant to the ravages of Mother Nature such as frost damage, UV damage, and thermal shock, and it is even resistant to salt corrosion, efflorescence, and mold, making it almost universally applicable. Sterilization and cleaning is a breeze and even stains from various chemicals or beverages can be cleaned off without much effort.

Outdoor ceramic tiles are an option that everyone should consider in their next project. Their ease of installation and maintenance alone is enough to grab the attention of prospective users. Couple that with their unique and customizable looks and fantastic durability and you have a great all-purpose paving system.

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